Grant, all hope is now lost! Sorry Bud, but that's just the way it is.

If you plan on enlarging, 4x5 will get you there very easily. I have a "spare" enlarger for 4x5 because I couldn't pass up the deal on a Beseler 45V-XL from a lab here in Tucson (let me know if you need one). 4x5 is going cheap now at all of the photo equipment shows I've visited lately. A local store has a very nice Crown Graphic setup with case, film holders & flash for $250 ready to go, a good deal for a good 4x5.

If you like that larger film, try to get an 8x10 to use and see how you like it. Don't buy until you have a firm feel for a few formats (sorry, still early and I guess the "F" key got stuck in my head before the coffee has started working this morning). If you decide on 8x10, don't do what I did with an old B&J monster, try to find something a bit more portable and you will save money on trips to the chiropractor. It works very well, but is a bit much to lug around here in the desert without a bit of help from a friend.