I need to make a half dozen PtPd prints as Holiday gifts using 16x20 paper (two ganged 8x10 portraits). In that size, no matter how careful I am, I screw up the Weston. I priced the COT320 in that size, and it was just too much money (over $5 per sheet). I went to New York Central Art Supply (great paper counter, by the way) and bought Arches Platine. Out of the $6.31 22x30 sheet I get one 16x22 and a couple of 11x14 sheets. That works out to about $3 or so for the 16x20 I need, and about $1.65 for each 11x14. That's a big savings over COT to me. I like the deckle edge on two sides, too.

Quality was great. My first experience with Platine. I had read horror stories about black flecks, and haven't experienced that yet. The smooth side is super smooth. The exposure and contrast worked out to be the same as COT, as did dry down. It doesn't clear quite as fast Weston or COT, but it did clear in two baths of Citric and a bath of Sodium Sulfite in about 10 minutes total.

I also bought 5 sheets of the new Stonehenge. I am going to test it and see if it performs like the old stuff and will let you know.