I've got 3 films in the dryer at the moment, bringing my total to 8 rolls; so not really enough experience with this Fuji kit to make a long term judgement about solution replacement. However, I am using the chemicals in the Jobo on a one-shot basis, and so an equal number of films developed can be achieved; not ending up with either a surplus or a lack of solution.

I bought the kit a few months ago from Firstcall Photographic:


I expect to be able to use the kit for between 25 to 50 rolls on a one shot basis, or 1 to 0.50 per roll approx.

On the process: I used the standard C-41 process as detailed in the Jobo memory, giving 3.25 minutes developer, 6 minutes bleach, 1 minute wash, 6 minutes fix, 4 minutes wash, 1.5 minutes stabalizer (out of Jobo).

The Fujihunt instructions give 3.5 minutes as the wash time between bleach and fix.