Thanks, Doug. I thought that was how the Cirkut works, but I wasn't quite sure how to describe it.

The Noblex has a rotating cylinder with the film slit on the back and a wider slit that the lens looks out in front, and the lens is rotating in the middle. The film plane is curved, and the 5x12 cm versions have a 135 degree angle of view across the horizontal (and 146 degrees across the diagonal). Mine has focus settings at nominally infinity, 5m, and 1m, but the actual focus distances are 17.2m, 6.5m, and 2.8m, and I printed out a DOF chart in feet that's taped to the back of the camera. Newer models have an engraved DOF chart.

I think what I'll do is make up a couple of measuring strings for group photos, not that I do them that often, but I like the look of the group shots with the swing lens cameras, so I want to be prepared when the opportunity arises.

The camera arrived today, and I shot a couple of test rolls, which I'll process tonight to make sure everything is working properly. It does seem like a fun camera. I think I'll be using it often. It's more practical for me than the 6x17 back, which I sold to offset the cost, because the negs will fit my 4x5" enlarger, and it should work well as a wide option with either my 4x5" or medium format cameras.