The difference in battery voltages will cause no damage to any electronics. Camera meters operate at minuscule power levels, even if the voltage is raised by by the use of the wrong battery the extra 3 millionth of a watt isn't going to do anything. Voltages have to rise quite a bit higher to damage any integrated circuits and such, and most old cameras use only resistors and a meter.

How the camera responds to a change in battery voltage depends on the design of its meter. Older stop-down meters that center the needle should be relatively oblivious to any change in battery voltage. How well open aperture meters will work with an adjustment to the ASA depends on the design of the meter: simple meters may work over a wide range of light intensities; very sensitive meters with linearizing and amplifying circuits may need different ASA adjustments for low light and bright light.

Adjusting the ASA to compensate for battery voltage is a workable solution that works better with some cameras than others.

All of which is no news.