Thanks everyone for taking the time to respond. We have a pretty good HHW policy in our area (they collect anything from the doorstep once a month). I will probably do a Mike sugests and simply put it all in plastic milk/drinks bottles label it up and send it on it's way.

Mike - I will be attempting to do oil/Rawlins oil work. It is similar to Bromoil (but preceeded it). In Rawlins oil work you coat gelatin sized paper (usual suspects watercolour paper) with 3% dichromate solution and contact print it with a negative, dry, re-soak and do the inking like Bromoil. As I am aware, Bromoil uses a gelatin-bromide photographic print rather than a negative. The processes are pretty close but I think that's the difference.

Anyway thanks for all the help it is appreciated.