I am pleased to announce that Really Big Cameras is now a factory authorized dealer for Chamonix large format and ultra large format cameras, film holders and accessories.

I have not yet posted information on the Chamonix products on my web site, but will do so in the near future. I plan to place my first order with the factory within the next two weeks for items that are currently in stock. These include:

057N - Horizontal Only 5x7
057N - Reverible Back 5x7
058N - Horizontal Only 5x8
WP - Whole Plate (6x8)
717 - 7x17
820 - 8x20

Film Holders:
Whole Plate (6x8)

Accessories: Various reducing backs, extension beds, lensboards, etc. Please contact me for more details.

As prices fluctuate with the exchange rate, please contact me for current prices on these items. If you would like to purchase any of these items, please let me know and I'll have them included in my shipment from the factory.

I am also now accepting pre-orders for the February production run of the Chamonix 045N 4x5 camera. At the current exchange rate, the approximate delivered price (camera plus shipping) would be approximately $850. This is subject to change due to currency fluctuations. The actual price will be determined when the product ships from the factory. Please contact me at sales@reallybigcameras.com to reserve your spot in the queue for this popular camera. To date, demand for the Chamonix 045N has far outstripped factory production capacity. Don't be left out yet again. Reserve yours now.

Also, please contact me to get your name in the queue for the following upcoming Chamonix production runs:

Camera: 810C 8x10 Planned Production Date: May, 2009
Camera: 1114 11x14 Planned Production Date: June, 2009
Camera: 1417 14x17 Planned Production Date: August, 2009

Kerry Thalmann
Really Big Cameras