after my contact printing experience (recently posted) I thought I'd modify my system and then test this with a stouffer wedge that I happen to have.

The lamp I'm using is an 8w lamp incandescent lamp and combined with its location in a black "can" I made it works nicely. My exposure time seems to be around 10 seconds (on a negative). For my testing I picked a negative which has a decent black level and delicate highlights which are well spaced on the negative (which is not contrasty really)

I can make a pleasing contact print from this, but (perhaps strangely I don't know) I can't get much further into the range of my stouffer wedge than about 9 (with the remaining steps staying white).

the above image works out more pleasingly printed (to me) when I have my exposure such that I get step 8 being the last visible with tone.

I printed with a #2 filter for this test.

anyone think this is normal or "wrong"?