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Hi all,

Just doing my first run of Azo in amidol, what a treat! I wanted to see how kentona compares in amidol, having heard such good things about it, but it comes out yellowish, in the same amidol that gives a very neutral azo print. Those of you w some experience, how do you control Kentona's color? I used 3 cc of KBr 10%, just so you know, and am using MAS's amidol formula for azo and artcraft amidol. Amidol waterbath is just an incredible tool!

GB, have you tried reducing the volume of KBr? Michael's formula calls for 1ml of 10% KBr for his Azo/amidol. I know it's a different product you're using it for but if you've not already reduced the KBr volume it might be worth a go?