Thanks for the encouragement everyone.
Mike- I meant that I had only shot 2 sheets, I still have 23 to shoot. The drums do sound quite a bit easier, but I think I'll wait till I get my own LF camera first. No DBI. The only reason why I would go to 4x5 is because it's more "available" (or at least from what I've heard). I'm pretty sure it's easier to find 4x5 enlargers than a 5x7 one, and if I were going to commit to contact printing I would go up to 8x10 (assuming I enjoyed shooting 8x10 that is...)

Right now, though, I have no room for an enlarger (unfortunately). I figure that I will be going away in less than a year, so there's no point in investing in a set-up that I will only use use for about 9 months, then it will never be used again for about 4 years. I do plan on contact printing at my house now though, which is exciting.

By the way, here is a scan of the first negative. Yes, I know... it is a picture of old mattresses, a little boring. But I will be going out to shoot again soon.
Thanks everyone... -Grant