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I am not very experienced with 8x10 cameras... I've had a few come through the store and I've had the opportunity to use them but my knowledge is quite limited.

Can you identify which camera(s) this back goes with? It is on an 11.5" Board with approx. 1/4" edge on the camera-side. I'm thinking an older B&J model, but, I'm not sure and my Googling hasn't gotten me anything but bleary-eyed.

It is on auction, item # 350134908441 -- I'd love to be able to give folks better direction.

Century Graphic 8x10
Century Tripod
Century 8x10 Back

5x7 Fidelity Backs
8x10 Kodak Hangers
Assorted Kodak Hard Rubber Tanks
Beater Enlarging Lenses
Assorted Flash Arms (to include a nice Graflex one)

Thanks again for looking and, if you can help with this back or if you've bought anything, for your support!