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Hi Rory,
Thank you for a prompt reply to my post. Unfortunately you have done little to assure me that your group is not elitist. Your invitation to meet for a pint and discuss photography sounds more like an interview than a meeting of like minded people. In order to survive your group needs to grow and because analog photographers are now in the minority everyone of them should be sought out and encouraged to join. I should at this stage make clear that I do not know or have ever met Mel.

Hi Tex,
sorry to bring this back up but i've just read this thread and....i'm a member of the group down here in Cork, but as Rory has already pointed out, most of us are not acutally from Cork, we just live here, so we don't have the dowtcha boy attitude. We have been lucky enough to have been in the same place at the same time and happen to share an interest in film photography & for 8 people from 8 totally different backgrounds i think this is quiet unusual...and we all get on (more or less) so if we come across as elitist to you, i can assure we are not, we have no cause to be. Rory mentioned meeting and going for a pint to discuss future plans cause thats what we do, anybody else is welcome to come along and join us in these discussion/sessions if they like, we are working hard on plans for some possible exciting opportunities coming up next year, and we are going to need some more input/ideas and we want to work with other groups to futher our knowledge and skills.

yours in film