I bought a used lens from the Adorama eBay department recently. The price I paid was good, I thought, but the description was way off the mark from what I got. The listing said "barrel shows some use, but not abuse" but neglected to mention the large dents from it having been dropped. It also did not mention the amazing amount of epoxy smeared all over the flash selection switch and surrounding areas. The last part of the description "mechanically sound!" I guess sums it up, but the photo on the listing and what I got were not one and the same as far as I could tell. I was less than thrilled and had to spend quite a lot of time cleaning it up, both inside and out.

Yeah, it kinda-sorta worked out in the end, but if I had it to do over again I would have paid a few extra bucks for a lens from KEH where I know that everything is seriously under-, not over-rated.