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I would like to mix Microdol-X from scratch. Has anyone had experiences doing this that they can share?

Steve Anchell's books suggest the following fromula:
1. 750 ml Water at 125 F
2. 5 grams Metol
3. 100 grams Sodium Sulfite, anhydrous
4. 30 grams Sodium Chloride
5. Cold water to make 1 liter

Will this formula match Kodak's packaged Microdol-X?
Thanks, Joseph
I'm currently testing a similar formula (5g Metol, 100g Sulfite, 33g NaCl, 1g Boric acid to 1l solution). First tests with APX100 (11:00min 1+3, 24deg, rotation) gave an CI of 0.64, excellent sharpness and the finest grain I ever had with APX100. I can't compare with Microdol-X, I never tried the stuff. Speed is about 40 ASA, I rate the APX100 64 ASA with D76H 1+1 with a similar CI.