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I recalibrate the ISO setting as follows.

Bright sunny day, ISO 100 film, we all know the setting will be f16 at 1/125th.

I insert a 1.5v battery in place of the required 1.35v battery.

Adjust your meter setting to see which ISO setting tells you to shoot at f16 @ 1/125th.

In most cases I have found a setting of ISO 25 at 1.5v equals a setting of ISO 100 using 1.35v.
Which brings me to asking to to be forgiven for sounding dumb,which I'm not I'm brain damaged damnit!! But I think the SRT only has DIN and ASA no ISO and it seems a lot of films sold now only list the ISO how does one compare the different types of speed listings of films? I would hope a site maybe? Not having a flash yet I tend to use a ASA of 400 so I can shoot indoors and out not having a dark room and enlarging it works for me. I think I kind of understand what your talking about and will have to read this several times and think on it to see IF I can handle trying to remember it and all the other things I have to relearn to use and become a Film user again
And IF anyone can reccomend in the U.S. a decent camera shop to convert a SRT to use Silver Oxide batteries? The shop in KC I was going to use when I called to get a baseball park labor estimate all but refused to do the job and wanted to sell me the wein cell battery at 7.50 each plus tax and the 120 mile round trip to get there!! The mercury in it will last a while it's just when it's dead I have to have made the mind up and have the wallet to cover the camera modification and shipping!! Wife and I both on disability and barely have a roof over the head and bills paid etc........... So cost is important as is skill!! Any ideas?
I thank you guys for the ones you put forth so far,