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I didn't return it. There was a lengthy delay between the time I paid and the time it shipped (emails were ignored and I had to place a call several days later). Since I purchased the lens for a specific shoot I needed it quickly and ended up paying extra for expedited shipping. The amount of money I would lose just in shipping costs would nix the idea. That and it was "mechanically sound" as stated in the listing, so I don't feel like I was lied to. I've been spoiled by KEH and I guess I was expecting KEH quality.

Like I said, it was a learning experience and what I learned was to stick with KEH. No disrespect to Adorama, I've bought plenty of new stuff from them, I just don't trust the used department between the lack of communication and misrepresentation of the item. Or maybe a better way to say it is that with KEH being so astoundingly good, having set the bar so incredibly high, I can't imagine why I would want to risk going someplace else.

And yes, the Adorama return policy is great! It's just not always practical to take advantage of it. If the item were completely unuseable it would be one thing, but in this instance it's just not worth it.

Just to clarify, the 90 day return policy referred to, is the guarantee in the event that the item is faulty.

We are aware that in spite of items being thoroughly checked upon receipt and prior to despatch, there are odd occasions when an item is mis-rated. In these cases we are always ready to exchange an item or consider a partial refund if an error has been made.
We are hoping that the new rating system (as above) will eliminate these errors.

The other point to bear in mind, is that the Adorama Used Department has a vast number of items available that are not sold on Ebay.

However - unless you are seeking a particular item that is unavailable from your current supplier, then you are absolutely right to continue to shop where you feel comfortable.

Helen Oster
Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador