Good morning, Sean;

What a surprise! You live in the same town as the guy with the little machine shop who invented the Harbor Bridge Machine that moves the concrete blocks over a lane to reverse the direction of travel in that lane. I have been to his shop. It is amazing what can be done with a little bit of thought, a special mold to pour in concrete, and the little wheel from the screw jack stand on the front of a trailer tongue. By the way, here in the Pacific Northwest, the WSDOT people call that machine; "The Zipper." I have no real explanation available for the logic in that selection of name.

And, thank you for the reference to the "other methods of payment." I do admit to you that I had not scrolled down that far on that page. When the next thing down was a normal credit card, my thought was that I had been forgotten again. I had just assumed that it was a "normal" arrangement for payments. It is surprising what lingering side effects there can be from the death of a marriage. I will arrange for a cashier's cheque.