It shat out on me a while ago, I know it's just the battery contacts that are bad, but I can't seem to find a replacement (Even if it were the AA instead of the AAA, would probably even fit my hand better.)
I've picked up a HEXAR since it died but I'm really missing my 55 Macro and the 85/1.8.

So first, if anyone could help me find one of those, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Other than that, I really don't like the older Konica bodies, and I know the FS and FT (Not to mention the TC) aren't really 'lasting' bodies.
I also know because of the design I wont be able to put those lenses on any other companies bodies and maintain infinity focus.

So I'm looking for advice on a dependable 35mm SLR. Since I wont be able to use that beautiful Konica glass, I was hoping for something of comparable quality, though I know finding that in the same price range is unlikely.

I'm a little torn about having a motor drive (being left eyed and all) and having a full on apocalypse camera that only needs the batteries for the meter, so input on either of those types would be great, I do want something durable though, I figure, if it can't take it, I don't want it.