With 35mm, I like the manual focus 85mm f/1.8 lens for the obvious reasons - lens to subject distance and speed. If I need to use a tele-zoom, I like the 50-135 f/3.5 IF I want something that's deadly sharp. If I want something a touch softer, the 43-86 is not a bad choice. I know, I know, that lens is considered the WORST zoom Nikon ever made. Well, maybe it is if you're shooting test targets, but for shooting people, it's quite often the BEST choice.

For reportage work, I keep a 24mm f/2.8 in my bag, but I find myself more often than not using the 25-50 f/4 zoom. It's a touch slow, but it's a damn nice piece of glass. As an alternate, I sopmetimes take my 24-40 f/2.8 Tokina AT-X if I know I'll be doing a lot of available darkness shooting.