You have the correct strategy for kallitype -- expose for the shadows and use dichromate to control contrast. However, as in palladium it is best to use as little dichromate as possible. I generally develop for a negative density range of about 1.8 - 2.0, which should print OK with kallitype using about 2ml of a 5% solution of dichromate per liter of developer.

Sandy King

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How do you strategize exposure for Kallitypes? Based on what I know about the action of dichromates on highlights, I have been exposing for the shadows and changing the percentage of dichromate to adjust the highlights. Obviously, this is opposite the received wisdom for printing silver gelatin where one exposes for the highlights and uses graded paper/filters to control contrast.

I ask because I have recently acquired a Nuarc flip-top platemaker and a densitometer with a UV channel (Craigslist, free for the hauling!). After a few light repairs, I have been amazed at the consistency that the integrator affords. So much more reliable than the fickle sun. However, its reliability has begged new questions, and one of those is how to strategize exposure. I am preparing to start taking advantage of this and use the densitometer, but before I crack out the graph paper, want to hear what others are doing.

Thanks in advance.