I have a better Idea!!!!!!!!
instead of switching developers or changing your whole system try a different paper. why should we be the ones to change our system for a company that changes things for the worst. Their MC paper can only be used with yellow and magenta. using it with a zone VI enlarger produces horrible results.( this info is on the sheet that comes with the paper) Instead of changing my system I found a paper that works with my system. That happens to be Oriental Seagull. Graded or MC this paper is hands down better than anything Kentmere can produce. Now you get yellowing.. My goodness what we will try to do to get a bad paper to work.

P.S. I throw out over $300.00 of kentmere paper and cried about being so commented to a bad product. No I won't sell it because if I can't get good prints I'm not selling a bad product to someone just to here from them about the same problem.