Hi Ari,

My ex is an archeologist - egyptologist - more specifically, not exactly the same, but similar in that what she needs recorded has a similar process. Anyway, when she goes on a dig, she has a Hassey 503CW and always brings: 50mm CFi, 80mm CFi, 120mm CFi, a Sekonic 508, at least 4 backs of 3 different colours (the colours tell her what film she has inside), PME 45, two Dynalite heads and stands with a couple JackRabbit portable batteries, Proshade 6093T, a very sturdy and heavy Manfrotto tripod with a high end head - I don't know the model number, a LowePro backback, many filters (she often brings several cheap UV filters for each lens since the filters get pretty scratched up in the sand, the shade doesn't really protect the lens and she'll put a UV filter in front of a polarizer to save the latter), plenty of cleaning kits, and she uses Kodak EktaChrome and Agfa Scala films because she needs slides for the university.

I have a 120macro myself and I use it for portraiture a lot. In fact the reason why I bought it was that, when I need to, I could use it for macro photography as well. I haven't used it for that yet!.

Regards, Art.