I don't find any disadvantages in the dichromate system of contrast control with kallitype. You will of course have to replenish your developer to get consistent results, and if you use dichromate in the developer you will have to replenish with it as well. Also, I am not sure if the dichromate is stable in the developer but if you replenish on a regular basis and do a fair amount of printing you will be changing over the contents of the developer often. For example, I recommend replenishing with about 100 ml of solution for every 8X10 (or equivalent) print that is developed. With ten prints you completley change over the solution.

BTW, graininess in the highlights should not be a problem unless you need to use over about 10ml of a 5% solution per liter of developer.

Sandy King

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Thanks Sandy, I am glad to know that I am not completely off track. Aside from apparent graininess in the highlights, and flushing a nasty chemical down the drain, what are the other disadvantages to using too much dichromate?