I've been trying to contact print a negative (which I think is a reasonable negative) without success. Since its hard to "see" my negative I've put a 'no curves' linear scan of it here.

I placed it on the glass of the scanner and you can just make out the edge of white. I know that not everyone here is comfortable with examining a negative this way, but I know of no other way to show what I'm starting with.

So, when I try to print it, I establish an exposure to make the border of the negative barely visible (the minimum time to maximum black) but then when trying to render a nice white I can't.

I've tried to print via a range of MG filters (1 through to 5) I can not seem to get the image to be a pleasing print (such as the image below) and still keep the borders black.

this image is made by simply setting the appropriate black and white levels from the inverted negative scan above.

Perhaps I don't really need to make nice contact prints from my 4x5 negatives, but i'd like to understand why I might not be able to make them.

Can anyone tell me if this is perhaps because I'm making my negatives with scanning in mind and thus optimizing my tonal range recording for that? Certainly the negatives don't press the boundaries of my scanner. Pehaps they press that of paper?

Can anyone perhaps scan a negative which prints well in the manner I have done above so as to give me some ideas as to the density ranges of a good paper wet process printable negative?