...wow, i just looked back on this one. It would be best if you didn't put words in my mouth Mr Grant. ! It sounds like you are a little jealous. It's one thing to post already published Recipes, then create one from scratch like we did... and dont worry your little head, one day we will publish dr5.

I didn't say anything other than this post of yours might have some promise. I also don't care who you got this gibberish from, it's still a bad Recipe! Your attitude is unprofessional, unbecoming and personally I don't think you know what you are talking about. Why don't you post something original rather than what you find in a book? I don't appreciate your little childish games here! Do you have anything better to do? I have more knowledge on this subject than most and certainly than you.

If you would bother to be professional and ask why I make the claims I do you would understand the facts and understand the 'whole' picture, it's called a 'new' way of thinking and discovery, something you are too plugged up to figure out.



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It goes against all DW's own recommendations in a forthcoming publication where he advises not to use a solvent in the first developer, thiosulphate or thiocyanate. However the film manufacturers have rather more expertise in the field of Reversal processing, so this a modern modern/current 1st Developer recommend by Filmotec. However it's remarkably similar to ID-62 (used 1+1) + Thiocyanate (instead of Thiosulphate), plus additional bromide instead of Benzotriazole.