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I'm not sure what you are asking here. Are you a neon or cold cathode sign fabrication shop? While it is possible to make a 'mercury' bent tube lamp without any phosphers, it is not the same as a mercury HID lamp that is commonly used in graphics arts machines.

Be very careful with mercury loaded lamps that do not have any phosphers. The high energy UV light (UV-B and UV-C) that is emitted by an uncoated lamp is very damaging to your skin and eyes, even with reasonably short exposure. Even coated lamps can cause problems if you are not careful. I never work around my exposure units without wearing a pair of UV protection goggles. They are readily available from home centers; check to make sure they have a very high UV absorption rate.

I run a medical DME company but the guy next to me does neon and whatever else. He has been showing me how to bend glass tubes which is a art form in itself. Yet though the going price for tubes even bent in our needs is fairly cheap, cheaper than straight tubes.

I'll be going with 10mm tubes, smaller round the tube more light it puts out. I'll be doing a 20"x24" which will take about 40' of tube. It's a fraction of the price as if I went with regular tubes and have a custom look. Right now I'm considering Mecury loading them with argon gas which he buys from me. If I can make this work I see no problem with the idea of taking an old Beseler light head and being able to enlarge by simply gutting out the head and placing circlalur tubing within it?


Ps I'm more interested in carbon then any other process.