I disagree with these replies.

The Bessa cameras has a narrow base rangefinder. That is, the distance between the two rangefinder windows is somewhat narrow. However, that isn't a problem as long as the optical components in the viewfinder are in correct alignment.

When it comes to a camera, its optics and its rangefinder assembly, there is a single point for infinity. And it should reach this point when the lens is focused to infinity -- not before and not after.

The problem with the Cosina Voigtlander Bessa series is that after nearly 10 years, Cosina still hasn't adequately solved the problem of rangefinder misalignment.

Too many Bessa cameras are either misaligned horizontally or vertically. This has been the weakness of these cameras since their inception and continues to be a problem for them.

It's hard to say if the rangefinder is leaving the factory misaligned or if it is becoming misaligned during shipment. But you read of too many stories from readers whose cameras have this problem.

It's a real shame, because Cosina has otherwise done a fine job with the bodies and the lenses, which are held in very high regard.