Hi Everyone,
My photographic journey has now brought me back to film where I started as a kid. My Dad had a B&W darkroom at home and I spent many an hour in there processing films. The magic of seeing your creation appear in the tanks under a red light has obviously never left me. I bought a Mamiya 7II which I love to bits (after selling a D300). The other day a local Nikon F75 came up and cost me 90 bucks with a 28-100mm lens. Almost never used. I thought well I can use all my existing lenses and flashes etc etc. Lets grab that. The lady that sold it put a film and battery in it (not in that order) and with that first first roll of Reala I've already taken a gorgeous image of HK that not many people have ever seen and one of my favourite pictures of 2008. What is it about film that's just so gorgeous, over 100 years of experience I guess!!

Would definitely hook up with other lovers of the organic, chemical wizardry based in HK or China!!

- Paul