If you are holiday shopping, I will be shipping up until NOON Dec. 24th -- I'm on the East Coast USA (Philadelphia, between NY and DC) so, use your judgment on how late you want to order to get things in time for the Holiday of your choosing (Hanukkah, Christmas, Festivus, New Years, Kwanzaa...)


Omega Rapid 200 w/Lens - nice

Thornton Pickard 1/4 Plate Folding Camera - quite nice!

Beseler 45MX Parts - they happened to be on my counter

Unicolor Roller Base - one of the cleanest I've seen in a while


8x10 Camera

Lots of misc. 'flea market' cameras


Yes, I know, I have to get my Devere up... trying to unearth it

More 5x7 film holders

Some easels - mostly old contact printing ones

My place is a mess right now... a lot of what I am listing is stuff the fire marshall callls "violations" clogging up what once were aisles throughout my storage areas.

Shoot well,