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Sure you can, but I dont think heating PO in the same MW oven that you heat your food in is a good idea. PO is not very toxic, but at high concentrations it can be a risk.
I would say heat it covered in small increments, you dont need to heat it too much, 90, 100 F is good enough.
I did thinks about that We have an extra microwave out in the garage that I could steal for this express purpose. I may just try and heat up a jug of water in the microwave, pour this in an 11x14 tray into which I could place an 8x10 tray to which the developer could be added. Or I could take a gallon jug and cut the top off of it and put my jug of pot ox into that and fill the cut jug with hot water so as to heat up the pot ox before pouring into the tray (I sometime work with 11x14 trays and don't have room anymore for a 16x20 tray to place the 11x14 into).