Hello all Utahns,
I am new to the LF game, in fact I don't even have the gear yet (it's on its way), but via internet research, I find myself very intrigued by alternative processing(van dyke, plat+pall, albumen). The enormous array of possible papers and procedures and varying looks seems to be the ultimate in the analog photographic process. However, one catch, these processes all seem to involve an enormous amount of water consumption: washing of the pre developed paper, washing of the post developed paper, etc. This doesn't seem very conducive to this region's biosphere, and being an environmental science major, I was hoping for a few conservational tips of the trade, if possible. Or am I just stuck with resin based paper? Thanks everyone!

P.S. If Rob Hall reads this, Eddie from New York suggested that I meet up with you. If you wan't to PM me, that would be great, if not, that's fine too (I live in Pleasant Grove right now).