Unfortunately, I have gotten those white specks -- and I never use Fe#2. They showed up on some Fabriano Aristico...I had great success with the paper...then when I bought my second batch, the white specks showed up. I never figured out the cause -- but it looked like the solution actually was being repelled from the paper by the sizing. I switched paper before I worked out the problem with the Fabriano.

Soaking the paper in Oxalic acid might help (2 to 5% solution). Brushing might help -- I actually start with the rod, and then after three passes, finish with the brush. (it helps me to get the proper area coated!)

Since you have the chemicals, you might want to stick with the Fe#2 for now...but I would suggest tweaking your negs (up the contrast) to use as less of the Fe#2 as you can. You will get less grain than way...but I doubt the white specks are Fe#2 related...but I have been wrong before!