I am in the midst of building my "dream" darkroom, a 25-year dream.

I had a Kreonite sink built (it looks amazing; its not hooked up) and I am using Kreonite case for cabinets, etc.

One question: I bought their enlarging station which is adjustable to allow the baseboard to be lowered. One part that it has is a vertical piece of wood on the left side that is attached to adjoining cabinet to block light.
There is none on the right side on this implementation.

My question: If my enlarger is the only enlarger being used, can I scrap this piece? I think it would make sense if another enlarger was next to mine. If my walls are white and I just have a safelight, do I need to be conserned? For esctetic reasons, I would like to get ride of this piece as the stand alone enlarger table looks better without it.