This is kind of an old thread, but I'll try to revive it!
Basically, I'm trying to make the modern tintypes. I use the Rockland developer kit and it works fine. But I want to try one of the Dektol variations that doesn't require I buy the expensive Rockland kit.

First recipe I tried:
32 ounces Dektol stock
66 ounces water
2 ounces exhausted paper fix (this is working strength paper fix, right?)
Result: No reversal. Plate went black in the fix (emulsion went clear).
I monkeyed around with the amounts and never got satisfaction.
I've seen this recipe in two books, so it works for someone. Maybe a different paper fix would work?

Second recipe:
This is the one I got from this thread.
Dektol 1:1
1 gram of Ammonium Thiocyanate for every 3 ounces of Dektol.
Result: The image reversed like it should, but my blacks are not black at all. I'm printing a digitally generated 21 step wedge using an enlarger and contact printing. I'm not getting nearly enough density in my blacks. No matter my exposure times, the blacks are way too weak.
I later tried various different amounts of Am. Thio. with no help.
I made the concentration of Dektol higher, but it didn't reverse and went black in the fix.

I'm not a chemist obviously. I'm at a point where I'm just guessing, trying new things. Pretty silly. Can anyone give me some ideas/advice/direction?