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And what about this new American paper whose name I have forgotten? There was some news it had been changed and newly marketed???
Believe that would be the Weston Diploma paper - have not seen results of the new batch, but I think there was a thread here where someone was using it without issue.

The FAEW that I am using is still fine (though I tend to purchase at least 30-50 large sheets at a time - yields 120-200 sheets). Same for the Platine I have.

A bit of topic, have considered ordering one of the sample paks from Daniel Smith to try the different papers in it - which includes some of the following:Arches Cover and Arches 88,Rives BFK and Rives BFK Heavyweight
Magnani Pescia,Copperplate by Zerkall ,Hahnemuhle Copperplate Bright white and Warm White,Durer Etching White by Hahnemuhle ,German Etching by Hahnemuhle ,Daniel Smith Lenox ,Somerset White Satin and Textured, Somerset Velvet ,Rising Stonehenge ,Fabriano Tiepolo. As these are full sheets (22inx30in) seems like a good way to test different papers. Has anyone tried this before?