Photo Central - Please don't get me wrong, I am not so bold as to say Pan F doesn't have a market. My purpose in the statement was that, as of the moment, we don't seem to have a clientele that is interested, therefore, with a limited amount of funds i don't think we will be purchasing other brands of Pan film. However, to further explain myself, I am referring to the PAN labeling as in ISO 25 mostly regarding the Rollei Pan 25. Though I do want to get some Rollei films.

At this point it looks like a list may look something like:

Rollei R3 (35mm & 120)
Retro 100 & 400
Efke A whole range including the odd sizes. A little of a lot
Legacy Pro 100 & 400

Photo Engineer wrote "OMG, no Kodak film?" Actually yes, We are getting Tri-x and Plus-x along with the Legacy above. I have no experience with this film, but we will see.

Fomapan a few different things (not sure yet)
Limited Adox but hopefully some.

Possibly Fortepan
Possibly Arista because students want it.