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I went into one of hte big stores here in Rochester, walking distance from where the film is made by Kodak, and there were only 4 rolls of film on display. There were 4 rolls of Kodak 400 speed B&W, I forget which one there and nothing else. They said that it was moving so poorly that the only got it special order.

Oh well.

When I lived in Santa Fe, the three camera stores in town all carried a full range of film, including Ilford Pan F. They carried a full range of black and white, color neg, and transparency films in 35mm and 120 and a smaller range in 4x5. I worked at one of the stores for a while and we sold a LOT of film, especially black and white.

I'm back in Indiana now. My hometown is a midsized city...250,000 people, and the one store in town still carries a full range of Kodak black and white film, but has stopped selling Ilford and Fuji black and white. They still sell Fuji color films. I think the colleges here keep the BW sales high.