Venchka, We may move in that direction at some point, but as it is, we are stocking Fuji for color. We can't stretch ourselves out to thin at the moment, it has only been a few weeks since we started this. Trying to expand color is a little more difficult than the B&W. We are however expanding the B&W side of things because it has more of a demand around here. There are 6 colleges in Jacksonville and surrounding area that still offer film based photography classes. Students like to be different (Rollei, Adox) and cheap (Foma, Arista, I'm not critizing, literally less expensive) and have asked for it. We also have been asked for Fuji Neopan Acros 100 4x5 quick loads which are on the way. Kodak B&W at the moment will have to hold at Tri-x and Plus-x, they are old stand bys and we are happy to offer them.