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Lee, I understand and sorry to all for the confusion. Basically I forgot to Put the "F" in the original post. As in a typo and was referring to alike films as Ilford Pan F when I suggested not purchasing more of these films. I am sorry for the confusion, I am just trying to find what will be best suited for servicing the ones that are most likely to purchase from us.

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OK. I just thought I saw that reference carrying on past that being mentioned. Sorry if I dragged that out.

With the demise of Panatomic-X and Agfa 25, I'd think that Pan-F+ would be the strongest seller at that end of the speed range. I have used, and really liked results from Efke 25, but you might find good sales staff and some good sample prints would help to sell it to a general audience, although students generally like to experiment and try new things, at least up until about two days before the project's due. You might want to stock and promote some developers that do really well with the slow films, and offer them with suggested development times for your customers. Dilute Rodinal with these slow films can be remarkable. As was mentioned earlier, educating your customers can create a market, and sales.