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Make another test strip.
I just made and evaluated a test strip and it took 4 minutes, 45 seconds, 2 minutes of that time were in the developer.

Using the ruler took 30 seconds. Used no chemicals, paper or electricity.

Add 15 seconds if you don't have an f-stop timer and need to use a chart.

Saves yer money - saves yer time - takes yer choice.

A note on using Darkroom Automation's stops<->seconds chart: If you are only applying a stops correction to a time you can simply multiply your present exposure time by the number in the chart.

As an example:
  1. your present exposure is 5 seconds and you want to add 1.4 stops
  2. look up 1.4 stops in the chart and find 2.6
  3. multiply 5 seconds by 2.6 => 13 seconds is the new time