Good morning all,
It seems I missed a little last night so I will try to answer some things this morning.

Lee L, suggested that we stock some developers that do well with slow films such as Rodinal. I'm glad you brought that up because it made me do the research I should have already known. I was aware that it is a very loved developer and I know one person in our shop claims it to be the best all around developer to ever be made (his opinion). Being that we don't use it for our personal shop needs, I was unaware that it was still being produced. It is my understanding that the plant was sold in 2008 to a Connect Chemicals and I have not heard that they are going to continue production. I'm sure there are many threads on this site that I just missed and I will do the further research. That being said (and confessed) right now we are stocking Sprint chemicals and expansion into other developers will be one of those things that will come down the road. We need to get off the ground a little first.

Jovo, Bring it on, I'm always thrilled to met new film enthusiast. We are a very small company with only 7 employees (3 of which are the family members/owners). We seem to be the last of our kind and hope to continue to expand. We have been a lab for over 20 years and that was fine for a long time, but in this day and age we need to serve the whole gamut of the industry and by opening ourselves to retail supplies we hope to be doing just that. We may even get into specialty cameras down the line. Personally I would love to have one of those Fuji 667 (Voightlander Bessa III) sitting on my shelf and another on the shop shelves.

Phillip P. Dimor, We would love to see you and thanks for the input, Sleeves (print files) we have and hanging bars I will check into. Rodinal again, I'm getting the picture now.

Mahler_one, expect a PM and thank you for the info

goldie, I will have to do some more research on the R3 and the Legacy Pro. I know I read that Legacy Pro was developed in accordance with Kodak chemicals, but unaware of the emulsions being that of Tri-x $ Plus-x. Is that a confirmed statement?

doughowk, FP4 is in stock now and please call anytime 904.356.2503 the owners just about live there. They put in many hours on the weekends and though they are not open as normal, if they are there, they are happy to help even if it is just to sell a couple rolls of film. Saturday hours may happen down the road once the retail part takes off.

Thanks for all the input and I'm happy to hear what you guys have to say.