We have the opposite problem. Our water supply system was designed to handle two pulp mills, which use a tremendous amount of water. One mill closed down years ago, and the other was bought by the Chinese and is now shut down (temp or permanent, we don't know). So now the domestic water users might have their water bills greatly increased because the revenue from the pulp mills is gone and we'll have to shoulder the costs of the over-capacity.

But conservation tips -- explore the possibility of using gray water for the initial washing of film and paper...then finish with clean water (one can use salt water for the initial wash, but the Great Salt Lake might be a bit much)

Use standing-water wash baths as much as possible.

Don't wash obvious rejects.

SLC gets 1 to 2 inches of rain/precipitation a month (according to http://countrystudies.us/united-stat...-lake-city.htm ), get a tank and capture the rain off the roof. I have used roof water to develop negatives in Australia.