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We get an average of 1-2 inches a month. But it all comes in the winter as snow. We bake all summer with almost no rain.

Removing water from the Great Salt Lake is considered mining due to the high mineral content. It is so bad that no table salt comes from the lake any more, just road and industrial salt. It might make for some weird tones.

And right now it actually illegal to catch rainwater but that will be changing next year. Water is so valuable here that is a natural resource belonging to the state.
Yes, at that brings up our water cycle here. Aquifers and reservoirs here are charged by spring run off. Our winter snow pack determines how much water will be available for the coming year. In bad years water becomes a very critical issue. In wet years, a bunch of it winds up in the Great Salt Lake, or in the east part of the state, sent on down to the more deserving members (sarcasm) of the Colorado River Compact. Las Vegas lives on Utah water.