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goldie, I will have to do some more research on the R3 and the Legacy Pro. I know I read that Legacy Pro was developed in accordance with Kodak chemicals, but unaware of the emulsions being that of Tri-x $ Plus-x. Is that a confirmed statement?
I need to clarify my original comment that was made more from memory rather than actually checking. I've just looked at the Freestyle site & the films I was thinking about are the Arista Premium emulsions which come in 100 & 400 ISO. The description goes <<Introducing Arista Premium, the new line of black and white films that takes that quality to an all-new level. Thanks to a new partnership with a major film manufacturer, Freestyle now offers two new films that are sure to find a place in every photo education program. Manufactured in the U.S.A.>>
So nothing is explicitly confirmed however people who have been using the films say they are very similar to Plus-X and Tri-X.

Obviously this is not the Legacy Pro range which I had mistakenly assumed it to be. Strangely, the Legacy films are not showing on the Freestyle site but they might be the Japan sourced ones which of course suggests they are Fuji Neopan.

re developers, as well as Rodinal you might consider stocking some Diafine which is a bit of a cult dev & likely to appeal to students. It's USA made so shouldn't be hard to get. With Rodinal, make sure you stock Rodinal and not Rodinal Special as they are completely different, different dev times etc.