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...In wet years, a bunch of it winds up in the Great Salt Lake, or in the east part of the state, sent on down to the more deserving members (sarcasm) of the Colorado River Compact. Las Vegas lives on Utah water.
It can be an interesting discussion with folks down south with brown lawns and restrictions on washing their cars that the water flowing down our rivers into the sea is not just getting "wasted". SoCal use of Colorado River water is a touchy issue (not to mention Mono Lake!) as water pacts will divert more and more of that water to Arizona.

Water rights is the biggest issue in the West, and the world -- the Israel/Palestinian conflict is more about water rights than anything else. Land, yes, but more importantly about the water running under it.

I find it interesting comparing the SLC rain data I linked to above, and the perception of those who live there. I suppose even if SLC gets an inch of rain every month, when it is such low humidity it must evaporate right after hitting the ground and not soak in. So different from here!