Larry -- I am a bad water-waster (except during those rare drought years). But I go with 5 changes of water at about 5 to 10 minutes each (with occasional aggatation to reduce the concentration of chemicals next to the paper/film). My only running water bath would be the first one (short -- maybe a minute) -- to get rid of any fixer on the surface. This is what I used for film washing (8x10) before I got my film hangers. I'd develop 5 negs at a time and put each neg in its own 8x10 tray to wash.

We have a large oyster farm operation here in Humboldt Bay -- I don't eat too many (very few, actually) -- it is dioxin that is a worry here. But I did have some wonderful wild ones in Australia the last time I was there (from some river mouth up in northern NSW.)