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There's an adapter available from CRIS camera? It is both a physical and electronic solution. It sells for around $40 & you don't have to have the camera adjusted. It drops right in.
The CRIS adapter is disgustingly overpriced, like so much else in photography. As a matter of principle I refuse to use something like that if I can do it myself cheaper. Thanks to a tip in this very thread, I ordered the diodes from Digikey. Ten of them for a grand total expenditure of $5.50, including shipping.

Installation cost me ten minutes of my time and a few minutes driving to my father's house to borrow his soldering gun. Oh, yeah, I had to buy an O-Ring at the hardware store down the street. It cost 30 cents.

So, converting one camera cost me 85 cents and a little time. Even if I'd had to buy a solder gun it would have been cheaper than paying $40 for the CRIS adapter. I still have enough diodes to convert 9 more cameras!