"Seems to me I recall you using a residual hypo test - or was it somebody else? If you do, what color do you get?"

Somebody else, I guess. The point is, that running water does not increase the rate of which chemicals leave the paper. The rate of diffusion between fresh, running water, and the water of the 5th bath is probably not significant, since the concentration of chemicals in the 5th bath is so low (if the concentration is so low that it can not be found in testing the water, then the same will hold with the paper.). So if one ran a running water bath after the 5th standing bath, one might as well just do instead another standing water bath in place of the running water bath.

And while I did not mention it, I do a one minute rinse in running water after fixing, a tray of Kodak HCA, then a minute running water rinse, then start washing.