Over the desk is an over-loaded set of shelves of mostly photo books (this is at work -- I don't have a desk at home). I'd take a photo of it, but I am afraid OSHA might see it and close down my office. (OSHA - Occupation Safety and Health Agency...or something like that). To my right is a bunch of photos...some postcards from a friend who travels a lot to photograph, photos of my triplets -- from the image of Calder at 5 days old (weighing in a 2.5 pounds) to about 4 yrs old or so (more recent ones are on my office door). Can't take a photo of that wall because I got a photo of my naked three 9 month olds laying on a Periodic Table (manipulated SX-70 titled "Critical Mass") and I might get busted for internet child pornography. And other misc. items.