I've just moved jobs and I have a seat next to a window with just about enough room to place a small(ish) calendar. As a big fan of Ansel Adams, I'm hoping my wife has bought me the 2009 edition. If not, I'll have to buy my own. That's what going to hang next to my desk at work.

At home, I have the usual assortment of boxes of pens and CD / DVD cases, an A4 ring binder into which I'm placing my negs as the 'analog' collection grows but, sadly, I'm lacking a couple of inspirational prints. Rather than go for yet more of Ansel Adams' works, does anyone have any suggestions? Something relaxing in 'mono' with trees or waterfalls would be favourite. As I don't have a darkroom or even a digital printer, it would need to be something available commercially in the UK up to about 16x20 inches. Any suggestions....(sensible ones, please)?